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John van de Laar

John van de Laar founded Sacredise in 2004. John is a liturgist with 40 years of experience in a wide variety of church, community, and musical settings. Since leaving the Methodist ministry in October 2019 John has devoted his time to helping churches navigate the new and growing reality of...

Updated 04/13/2024

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Henricus van den Leemputte

Updated 09/21/2021

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Michael van der Gucht

Michael van der Gucht (c. 1660 – 16 October 1725) was a Flemish engraver and painter who worked for most of his career in England. He engraved portraits, book illustrations, and architectural prints and painted portraits. (Source: Wikipedia)

Updated 09/23/2021

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Vincent van Gogh

Updated 10/27/2021

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Leonard J Vander Zee

Leonard J. Vander Zee (MDiv, Calvin Theological Seminary) is editor in chief for Faith Alive Christian Resources. Previously he served in pastorates in Indiana, Michigan, Iowa, and New York. He is the author of In Life and In Death: A Pastoral Guide for Funerals (CRC Publications, 1992) and More Than...

Updated 03/12/2021

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Howard D Vanderwell

Howard D. Vanderwell (1937-2018) was the Resource Development Specialist of Pastoral Leadership for the Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, the author and editor of The Church of All Ages and Caring Worship: Helping Worship Leaders Provide Pastoral Care through the Liturgy, and co-author of Designing Worship Together. (Source:; photo:...

Updated 03/12/2021

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Richard Vautrey

Richard Vautrey is a local preacher and church steward in Leeds, and a former Vice-President of the Methodist Conference. He works as a GP, is an elected member of the BMA Council and is chair of the BMA's GP committee. (Source:; photo:

Updated 04/08/2022

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Christopher Villiers

Updated 01/16/2022

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Nathanael Vissia

Updated 04/01/2022

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Derek Vreeland

Derek is the Discipleship Pastor at Word of Life Church in St. Joseph, MO. He and his wife Jenni have three boys, Wesley, Taylor, and Dylan. He earned an M.Div. from Oral Roberts University and a D.Min. from Asbury Theological Seminary. He is author of numerous books including By the...

Updated 02/12/2022

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