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Leah Kabira
Israel Kamudzandu
Dr. Israel Kamudzandu is Associate Professor of New Testament Studies and Lindsey P. Pherigo Chair at Saint Paul School of Theology, Kansas City, Missouri. He is the author of Abraham Our Father: Paul and Ancestors in Postcolonial Africa (Fortress Press, 2013), and Abraham as a Spiritual Ancestor: A Postcolonial Zimbabwean...
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Billy Kangas
Billy Kangas is the author of "How the First Christians Changed Dying." He is also the editor of and regular contributor to "The Orant", an ecumenical theology blog concerned with how the traditional practices of Christian worship relate to the challenges of contemporary culture. He is currently the "Catholic Relations"...
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Henry Karlson
Henry Karlson, after studying early church history and theology, and talking to a close friend who could answer many of his questions, became a Byzantine Catholic in 1995. Because of his interests, he eventually pursued graduate studies in theology. He has a wide variety of topics he likes to talk...
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Jes Kast
Jes Kast is a progressive minister, constructive theologian, and pop culture aficionado. She is the pastor of Faith United Church of Christ in State College, PA. (Source and photo:
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Bob Kauflin
Bob Kauflin serves as the Director of Sovereign Grace Music. After receiving a piano performance degree from Temple University in 1976, Bob traveled for eight years with the contemporary Christian group GLAD as a songwriter, speaker, and arranger. He continued to write and arrange for the group until 2010, and...
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John F Kavanaugh
John F. Kavanaugh, SJ, was an esteemed scholar and beloved professor of philosophy and medical ethics at St. Louis University for 36 years (as well as a parish priest, social activist, musician and America columnist), until his death in 2012. His seminal book, Following Christ in a Consumer Society, published...
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Timothy J Keller
Timothy Keller is the founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. He is also the Chairman & Co-Founder of Redeemer City to City (CTC), which starts new churches in New York and other global cities, and publishes books and resources for ministry in an urban environment. In 2017 Dr....
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Jessica Miller Kelley
Jessica Miller Kelley is an editor living in Nashville, Tennessee. A denominational mutt, her work equipping and inspiring leaders for ministry is informed by a wide range of church experiences. (Source and photo: Ministry Matters)
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Jaewoo Kim
Jaewoo "Jay" Kim is a multi-cultural worship leader and songwriter. He serves in public relations and ministry development at Proskuneo Ministries which aims to bring nations together in worship on earth as it is in heaven. Jaewoo lives in Clarkston, Georgia, where over 60 languages are spoken in a 1.5...
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