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Beth L Tanner

Beth LaNeel Tanner is the Norman and Mary Professor of Old Testament Interpretation and the Vice President and Academic Dean at New Brunswick Theological Seminary. She graduated from Purdue University, Eden Theological Seminary, and Princeton Theological Seminary. She was ordained by the New Brunswick Presbytery of the Presbyterian Church U.S.A....
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Kenneth Tanner

Rev. Kenneth Tanner is pastor of Church of the Holy Redeemer in Rochester Hills, Michigan. (Source:
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Kenneth Randolph Taylor

Kenneth Randolph Taylor collects and shares prayers from liturgical books, many of which are out of print. He occasionally offers his own contributions.
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Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor is the New York Times bestselling author of An Altar in the World, Learning to Walk in the Dark, and Holy Envy: Finding God in the Faith of Others. She has been an Avon lady, a cocktail waitress, a horseback riding instructor, and a hospital chaplain, but...
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W David O Taylor

David Taylor is a theologian, author, speaker, priest, and director of initiatives in art and faith. A professor at Fuller Theological Seminary, he has lectured widely on the arts, from Thailand to South Africa. He has written for The Washington Post, Image Journal, Theology Today, Worship, Religion News Service, Christianity...
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Mitch Teemley

Mitch Teemley is Director of Programming at College Hill Presbyterian Church. He has taught preaching/public speaking and media arts for nearly 20 years. (Source:; photo:
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Bruce W Thielemann

Bruce Thielemann is the former pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh, PA and is a contributor to Preaching Today. (Source: Preaching Today)
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Frank A Thomas

As a preacher, teacher, scholar, thinker, lecturer, author, and master coach, Frank A. Thomas is one of the most creative, pioneering, and prominent thought leaders of this generation. Thomas holds a PhD in Communications (Rhetoric) from the University of Memphis and currently serves as the Nettie Sweeney and Hugh Th....
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Virginia Thomas

Virginia Thomas is the author of Children’s Literature for All God’s Children. She also writes at Storypath. (Source and photo: Storypath)
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Mark Throntveit

Mark A. Throntveit is the Elva B. Lovell Professor Emeritus of Old Testament at Luther Seminary in Saint Paul, MN. He is also book editor of Word & World: Theology for Christian Ministry, the seminary’s quarterly theological journal. His books include: The NIV Learning Bible, (The American Bible Society, 2003);...
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