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Dr. Hans Boersma is an author, faculty at Nashotah House Theological Seminary, and ordained priest within the Anglican Church in North America. His work focuses on a variety of areas: patristic theology, twentieth-century Catholic thought, and spiritual interpretation of Scripture, with the goal of retrieving the ‘sacramental ontology’ of the...
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Heavens Inspirations offers a plethora of Christian poetry, devotionals, and resources. This source is ideal for individuals looking for inspiration and guidance on their journeys with Christ.
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The Hermitage Collections house over one million artifacts from European and Ancient Near Eastern antiquity, as well as archeological artifacts from Eastern Europe and Siberia. Visitors will find resources on multiple eras, cultures, and movements, and may use this source to gather insight that complements research on biblical scholarship.
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Homiletic & Pastoral Review is one of the most well-respected pastoral magazines in the world. The magazine is faithful to the timeless and traditional teachings of the Catholic Church. HPR features articles by Catholic writers on doctrine, spiritual guidance, morality and authentic pastoral practice, deep insights into pressing pastoral issues...
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HTI Open Plaza is an online platform within the Hispanic Theological Initiative that amplifies the voices of diverse thinkers, activists, and clergy in the public square. HTI Open Plaza’s conversational and interdisciplinary space engages issues of religion, history, and social justice affecting Latinx communities, specifically in the areas of culture,...
see more, a site curating original and established hymns, poetry, art, reflections, is maintained by Andrew Pratt. The blog focuses on Methodist resources, with an emphasis on hymns from UK-based Stainer & Bell Ltd. Use this source to discover hymns and devotional material for personal and corporate worship.
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