Pentecost Sunday sermon ideas

Pentecost Sunday remembers when the Holy Spirit was sent to those gathered, empowering the church to go into all the world telling the good news of the gospel.

What is Pentecost Sunday?

Pentecost celebrates the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the disciples ten days after Jesus Christ ascended to heaven and fifty days after he rose from the dead. On this day, the Holy Spirit descended on the disciples during the Jewish festival known as the Feast of Weeks, which had drawn people from many nations back to Jerusalem. The day of Pentecost symbolized a new beginning, unleashing the power of the Holy Spirit on the whole world and empowering the worldwide church to go out into the world, sharing the good news of Christ's death and resurrection.

How do I plan worship for Pentecost Sunday?

When is Pentecost Sunday?

Pentecost occurs on the fiftieth day or seventh Sunday after Easter, which also marks ten days after Ascension Day.

What color could be used for Pentecost Sunday?

The color of red is used for Pentecost Sunday, reminding us of the flames of the Holy Spirit that descended on the disciples.

What objects or symbols could be used for Pentecost Sunday?

  • Dove
  • Fire

What themes could be used for Pentecost Sunday?

Ideas from scripture for Pentecost

Holy Spirit

The Pentecost miracle is the regeneration of the human heart. Peter preached Christ to Jews who were wearing the heavy armor of a corrupt generation. The Spirit of God cut through the armor, got them in the heart, and saved them. The Pentecost miracle, the Holy Ghost miracle, the God-almighty miracle of Acts 2 is the regeneration of the human heart so that people confess their sins, receive God's grace, and join the church of Jesus Christ that is on its way across the ages.

The Church

Acts is titled "Acts of the Apostles," but the title fits only loosely, because what we have here is twenty-eight chapters of the acts of God—the mighty acts of God done through human deputies. Paul's missionary journeys are God's mission to the world. When Peter heals a crippled beggar, it's a divine healing. When the apostles go on trial, it's God in the dock.

The acts of the apostles are the acts of God, and that's true of the mightiest act of all. We read Acts 2, and what gets our attention is the wind and the fire and the speaking in tongues. These elemental forces have always attracted us human beings. But fire and wind and tongues aren't the main event at Pentecost. These things are only attention-getters. They signal that the Holy Spirit is stirring again. They tell us God is about to do something big—something like creation, or the Exodus, or resurrection of the dead.

Sermon ideas for Pentecost Sunday

"This supernatural manifestation not only equipped believers to "speak in tongues," understood by the diverse crowd gathered, it empowered them to live, and for some to die, for the cause of the Gospel." Sermon Preparation of Illustration by Janet Floyd from The African American Lectionary

"May God's breath stream within you. May God's breath renew you. May God's breath invigorate you. Walk with confidence into this day." Blessing or Benediction by Rex A.E. Hunt from re:Worship

"So, just like you learned my message and then repeated my message to the congregation, the disciples had to learn Jesus' message before they were able to repeat it to the crowds in today's story of Pentecost." Children's Sermon or Lesson by Nathanael Vissia from R Four

"Pentecost is the beginning of a pattern of God pushing people out in different directions." Sermon Preperation on Working Preacher

"Pentecost Sunday is a great opportunity to use bilingual worship songs in your congregation." Song Suggestions by Paul Neely from Global Worship 

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